EAT. MOVE. LIVE. and have some damn fun!

Celebrate the joy of nutrition tailored just for you! Leave behind the mass scientific confusion and rigid meal planning, and embrace the peace of mind that comes with a healthy lifestyle filled with FUN. Let’s embark on a vibrant and relatable journey to better health together!

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Empowering Wellness: Finding Peace with Food and Weight, Your Way

The aspiration and journey to regain the vibrancy and energy of our younger selves is undeniable.

For many of us, the battle with weight has been a lifelong journey filled with endless fad diets and trendy solutions flooding our social media feeds. I completely understand the reluctance to sacrifice the joy of food shared with loved ones during gatherings, holidays, and life’s memorable moments. Yet, the longing to feel our absolute best amidst it all often overshadows these fleeting pleasures, leaving us feeling overwhelmed by the quest for balance between health and indulgence. That’s where I step in to guide you towards reclaiming your happiness and confidence, offering a peaceful approach to nourishing your body and soul,

one delicious plate at a time.


Let’s Work Together


Nutrition Consultations:

Tailored nutrition for lasting success.

Our nutrition consultations are tailored to craft solutions that seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle, ensuring long-lasting success in achieving your health goals. 

By prioritizing your unique needs and aspirations, we develop a personalized nutrition plan designed specifically for YOU, empowering you to feel energized and motivated by your journey toward change.

Meeting YOU where you are

Customized Nutrition Programs

Personalized nutrition for your lifestyle.

Our customized nutrition programs help us build the program and the package that works best with your lifestyle!



    Tailored journey for lifelong wellness

      Through ongoing customization, we’ll craft a personalized nutrition plan aligned with your long-term lifestyle goals, ensuring physical and mental well-being. As partners, we’ll adapt and evolve based on your progress, making necessary adjustments to support your journey towards optimal health

      Client Successes

       I feel better than I have in years.

      Amy took the time to thoroughly understand my health history, lifestyle, nutritional needs, and goals, and developed a customized nutrition plan that fit my preferences and schedule perfectly. I feel better than I have in years. Amy goes beyond just providing nutritional advice – she is a true partner and advocate for my overall health and wellness.

      – L.N., Nutrition Program 1:1s

      Client Successes

      Amy has been a huge blessing to me.

      Amy has been a huge blessing to me. After experiencing a heart attack last year, I was lost. She has given me recipes, tips, nutritional amounts for meals, meal planning, etc. She has changed my thought process on life.

      – J.M., Nutrition Program 1:1s

      Client Successes

      keeping things simple…

      Amy is incredibly responsive and knowledgeable. She made things easy for me by personalizing meal plans, keeping things simple, and really listening to what would work for me. She is very supportive and helped me to find a way to be successful despite personal challenges and obstacles.

      – B.M., BUILD nutrition package

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      hi there!

      I’m Amy

      dietitian and certified diabetes educator

      I’m a passionate dietitian dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals with a personalized approach. Having struggled with weight myself in my teens, I understand the challenges firsthand and have tried countless fad diets. However, my journey led me to discover the balance between nutritious eating and enjoying life’s pleasures. With a commitment to the science of nutrition, authenticity, kindness, and humor, I’m here to support you on your path to wellness.

      reclaim your happiness and confidence

      one step at a time


      Step 1:

      Nutrition Consultations

      By investing time to understand your unique nutritional needs and desires, I ensure that the nutrition plan we develop together is tailored specifically to YOU, effectively meeting your current health goals and setting you up for long-term success

      Step 2:

      Follow-up Sessions

      Partnering with me means continuously crafting a personalized nutrition plan that aligns with your lifestyle goals for sustained wellness.

      Step 3:


      Check-in sessions provide an opportunity to assess progress, refine strategies, and address any challenges or successes encountered along the way.

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